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April 23, 2018 3 min read

You'll probably see some unbelievable things at a summer festival. But your outfit shouldn't be one of them!

Before you set off for your summer festival, make sure you pack the right staple clothing. Summer festivals are hectic and what you wear should not only be fashionable but useful as well.

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of the desert without a few items that you can depend on. Don't panic, keep your cool and be sure to pack these 5 staple clothing pieces.

1. Sunglasses

You'll be dancing till the sun goes down at summer festivals so you'll want to protect your eyes.

Pick out shades that will go with multiple outfits and aren't too heavy on your face. Heavier frames might slip down your face if you break a sweat in the sun.

Don't just pick out the designer frames. Shades are a great fashion accessory, but they should also protect your eyes. The National Eye Institute advises picking sunglasses that block out 99 to 100% of the sun's radiation.

2. Sandals

Shoes can make or break your festival experience. You will be standing, walking or dancing most of the time.

While sneakers may be fashion-forward, they may cause blisters and sores on your toes. Flimsy flip-flops aren't made for the fast-paced festival scene either.

Instead, go for a pair of chunky sandals. They'll make you feel light and be heavy-duty enough to withstand the festival scene.

Look for materials that will be easy to clean if you get them covered in dirt.

3. Handy Storage

You'll need somewhere to keep your phone, credit cards, and other essentials, right! But you'll also need to be hands-free. A handy bag is an essential part of your festival wardrobe.

Leave handbags and satchels at home and invest in a fanny pack. Don't worry, fanny packs are totally cool again. Simply pack it up and tie it around your waist for a storage solution that is as convenient as it is chic.

4. Graphic Tees

Do you prefer a simpler look? Graphic tees should definitely be in your suitcase. Take a few trendy options with you to swap out throughout your festival days.

The best thing about graphic tees is that there's no wrong way to wear it. Pair with loose-fitting bottoms or high-waist shorts. You can even buy it oversized and cinch it at the waist with a belt.

Graphic tees are the perfect way to keep it neutral, casual and cool.

5. The Easy Hoodie

Even though the sun may be blazing during the day, you want to be prepared in case the nighttime brings a breeze. Don't head to that festival without packing at least one jacket.

A lightweight bomber or hoodiewill keep you looking trendy. Pick something thin so that you can easily wrap it around your waist if it heats up in that mosh pit.

Staple Clothing Items To Pack For Festivals

Dressing for the festival season can be tricky. You want to look stylish but you have to be prepared for the unpredictable conditions.

Your festival wardrobe should be a survival kit to help make your experience easy. Don't make the mistake of sacrificing comfort for fashion--you can have both!

Are you ready to make this your best festival season yet? Make sure you know the dos and don'ts of music festivals.

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