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May 14, 2019 2 min read

Your dorm room may have white walls, an appalling mattress, and little-to-no breathing room.

But it is also a blank canvas. You can transform your dorm room into a sanctuary with a few inexpensive items.

Use these dorm room ideas to create a space that will become one of a million amazing memories from freshman year.

1. Add a Wall Hanging or Mural

Spruce up those plain walls and add square footage by creating an accent wall using a wall hanging or mural.

The accent wall makes your space feel much larger because it makes the wall look farther back.

We also prefer accent walls using wall hangings and murals to smaller posters and photos. Hanging too many little objects on the wall creates a cluttered feeling, which is the last thing you need in a small space.

2. Build a Temporary Headboard out of Moving Materials

Nothing looks sadder than a single bed pushed up against a wall in a basic frame.

You can create the headboard of your dreams with a few scraps lying around after the move or from your parent's garage.

Although there are now headboard decals out there, those in dorm rooms might do well to stay away from anything that sticks to the wall.

Some of the best headboard materials are the cardboard boxes you used when moving in or a piece of wood. Cover it up with a fabric that matches your room decor or your bedding.

Feeling crafty? You can even add the tufted appearance that you find on high-end headboards in a few simple steps.

3. Become a Plant Parent

Give your dorm room a breath of fresh air by becoming a plant parent.

Plants are both accent pieces and room brighteners, but they can also purify the air in your small space.

A bamboo palm is one of the best air purifiers around. It can grow from one-to-twenty feet, so it requires some maintenance. However, it is still easy to care for. Bamboo palms love shade and need regular watering - and that's it!

By the time it starts growing, you'll be ready to bring it to your college apartment.

Other perfect plant choices include succulents, spider plants, and ferns.

4. Buy a Leaning Mirror

Mirrors can also make a room look bigger. But you need to use them wisely in a small space like a dorm room.

A leaning mirror is a temporary piece that you can place almost anywhere. Mirrors are also an important part of feng shuibecause they bring calm and refreshment into your space - just what you need during finals.

The placement of your mirror can create the opposite effect. Avoid putting it directly facing the door or directly facing the bed, as this makes your space feel smaller.

More Dorm Room Ideas

Now you know that cheap dorm room decoration ideas are some of the best dorm room ideas. You don't need an interior designer to create a space that is peaceful and functional. 

With your room ready to go, don't forget about your door. Click here for some epic and distinctive door decorations.

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