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Mystery Box #2


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Get $125 worth of product for only $99.95

Whats in the Mystery box: It could be a hat, blanket, tapestry, hooded blanket, or even a shower curtain but if we told you what was inside, that would ruin the surprise! 

Each box will have products hand picked from our inventory worth over $125 in value.


Unisex Sizing: Girls order 1 size smaller than normal.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph P.
Mystery Box #2

I got a great box, a dream coat and a beautiful tapestry. Just getting the would have been great, getting the tapestry was the bonus. If you want to save some money, get a mystery box.

Yauheniya S.
Move the mystery!!

I love everything from Electro Treads so the mystery box makes the choice much easier. Love all the items I got from all my boxes.

Brian R.P.
You guys are awesome!

I was a little wary that the picks weren't going to be something I really liked but I got to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I got an XL Quetzacoatl (I think that's who it is) hoodie and a super warm fuzzy Owl blankie. I traded the blankie at Barter Faire just because this chick had a crazy good owl tattoo and she fell in love with it but I will certainly be ordering more blankies soon... I do have a problem with pilling on my sweatshirt and I'm not sure if anyone has any suggestions but if you do please e-mail me @ praisegodandpassmeagun@gmail.com - Thanks Electro Threads - You guys are doing a great job :-)

Stacy R.
Bring me back

Please please place bring this mystery deal back for a girl


My friends and I bought several mystery boxes during quarantine this passed year and they were exactly the dopamine boost we needed. We were over the top thrilled with all of the boxes we received. The first box I purchased was a Medium female box. this came with an awesome blanket, a onesie, a hat, a couple of shirts, and some face masks. Unfortunately, the masks were way too big for my face, but I was able to give them away to some friends who loved them. The shirts I received weren't really my taste, but the onesie alone would have made the box worth it. About a month after I ordered the first box, my friend and I each put in an order for two boxes 1 male and 1 female. I got a coat and some hates in each of my boxes and my friend got a dream cloak in each of hers. We were beyond thrilled. 10/10 would buy again.