Level 1 - $19.95 Per Month


Every month, we will hand pick a fresh new Electro Threads Top combo  (Over a $50 Value or more) and ship them directly to your doorstep for only $19.95 / mo.

No small sample boxes here filled with stuff you’ll never use. Just high quality, comfortable and stylish apparel, at a fraction of the price.

The Level 1 monthly package includes:
  • Two tops- Could be two crews, a crew and long sleeve or a crew and tank! 

Smiles, Delivered!
Every month, it's like unwrapping a present! Each package is full of surprise and amazingly awesome goods that have been hand picked by our team... and they're experts, so don't worry!

Select Your Size based on Unisex Sizing: Girls order 1 size smaller than normal.

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