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Electro Paradigm Shift

Inject powerful Art, Positivity, color and subconscious symbols to raise the vibration and increase the frequency in your subconscious environment!

Each new moon cycle your package will arrive containing the tools to subconsciously upgrade your mental operating system!!  The tools are simple yet powerful they’re easy yet impactful.

Affirmation Pillow Case
- focus your attention on the truths decorated on your pillowcase read the affirmations on the back of your pillow case each night as you fall asleep and each morning as you wake up.

Seed Thought Door Cover - each time walking through a door use that as a subconscious trigger to raise your vibration and automatically trigger powerful states of mind!

Subconscious Art Tapestry - featuring art, sacred geometry, colors, powerful words or universal principles  

Over the course of time your living space will transform into a high vibration environment of positivity and limitless possibilities!

Realizing your dreams and stepping into your potential isn’t done by any single act... it’s the frequent repetition over the course of time. It’s the continuous flow of subconscious truths day after day until your mind submits and accepts the truths... all progress in life starts with a change of thinking and change of environment. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stacy R.
This is hard…..

To be honest I have received 2 boxes total and so far received 2 pillow cases 2 door covers and 1 4ft x 4ft and 1 2ft x 2ft what I’m guessing is a tapestry with the same exact description and design on the door cover and the 2x2 one was nothing but the same design as 4x4 but no description just the background. Honestly the really only 2 1/2 items I’m stoked with out my 2 pillow cases and the eye cover for the door. Not to mention little to large for a I interior door nevertheless a front door. And it kills my soul to be brutally honest about my dissatisfaction on my 2 paradigm packages I have received definitely not at all what the website talks it all up to be. Now to be honest I 1000% will always be a loyal customer with this company without question. There style and quality of clothing are hands down the best I have found.

Dick B.
Blissful Box

I made my first purchase with Electro Threads in 2017 and my experience with past mystery deals has been consistently amazing value. This box is no different, filled with uplifting, colorful content. Keep up the amazing work, can't wait to experience box #2!

Troy B.
Love the box!

Got my first box and it was amazing! Everything came out crisp and clean (as always) and it lifts my mood every morning/night...heck anytime I see it! Highly recommend!! 🔥🧙🏻‍♂️