Natural Malachite Gemstone Pendant Necklace

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Green Malachite Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Malachite is a stone which makes its wearer attractive and charming. It is a magic stone of love and harmony with very strong energy. According to ancient superstitions, Malachite will fulfill the desires of its wearer, render him invisible, even teach him animals language. Malachite absorbs negative energy and brings to its owner physical and emotional harmony.

Whether the effects of crystals such as malachite are real or merely a placebo effect is unknown. All we know for certain is that the use of gemstones for healing goes back centuries. Also, we know that modern science has discovered some surprising applications for the unique properties of certain crystals.


  • Hexagon Prism Stone – approximately 1.25 inches in length
  • Silver Alloy Enclosure
  • 16.5 – 18.5 inch adjustable synthetic leather and alloy necklace 
  • Lobster Claw clasp