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Oneness Footsie Blanket


Oneness Footsie Blanket

Say goodbye to untucked toes! The Footsie Blanket is the solution to cold feet! This blanket has a 26” built-in pocket to keep your feet warm and toasty, without compromising the length of your blanket! Pop your feet into the warmth of sherpa bliss Footsie Blanket!

Wear it around the office, lounging, camping, or anywhere you want to be toasty and snug!


- 24” x 26” ultra-soft sherpa foot pocket
- 60” X 80” Plush Sherpa blanket with a velvet micro-fleece sublimated print
- Doubles as a sherpa pillow
- Keeps feet, ankles, and calves tucked and toasty
- Perfect gift for the holiday season

A small backstory where this comes from :)

The inspiration for the Footsie Blanket comes from our Grandma Robyn; who, when we were kids, would sew and make us these special blankets for Christmas with a foot pocket on the bottom! This small detail made the biggest difference. No longer did we have to compromise foot tuck for length!

It saw us through years of playing 007, sleeping on the couch, napping after snowboarding, watching Dumb and Dumber, and eating cereal with no pants on.

Keep your feet warm for all the important things in life 😂

We hope to share this special gift with you and your loved ones.

Happy Holidays, Fam. Much love 🥰
⁃Kasey and Kenny Murdock

Customer Reviews

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sergio v.

Oneness Footsie Blanket

Kelly H.
Amazing - So soft and the colors are SO good!

This is such a wonderful blanket, definitely my new favorite!