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Cherry Skull (Black) Tights


What does a Cherry Skull taste like? Well, Cherry Skulls taste like... Cherry Skulls! A combination of ecstasy and nirvana, with a punch of badass that only the Drip Goddess, AKA MotherGrime, herself can create. This is the eye candy that your retinas have been longing for. Treat yourself.

Artwork by: MotherGrime


Your new go-to tights. A perfect fusion of comfort and style!

Reasons to love:

• High-waisted fit 
• Four-way stretch fabric
• Cut, sewn, and printed in California
• Two-panel design

This is a Made to Order Item. It is hand-cut and sewn in the US, made just for your order! This process starts as soon as your order is placed and may have a processing time of 7-14 business days before it ships.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Cherry Skulls me!

These in crushed velvet are perfect for loungin' around the house or for workouts! Really.. they are perfect for doing sooo many things!
The drippy Skulls absoluuutely. SLAAAAY the game !!
Much Luv to Mothergrime & to you guys!
I wasn't always into tights & leggings, but especially after finding you guys, WHOA do I lovem more than ever!