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Black Face Mask

Please note: Due to the extreme popularity of this product the crafting period is up to 18 days before it ships. These are handmade when you order. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Stay safe, stay home 

Elastic band length  8in
Base dementions: 6 1/4" x 4 1/4"


  • Contoured and adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Anti-Microbial Micropoly Fabric
  • Moisture-Wickening
  • Two-Strap Design; Soft stretch ear straps
  • Machine Washable
  • Elastic construction for snug fit


*Not Medically Certified 

*Due to how masks are used we are not able to accept returns or exchanges for all face masks.

** Please be advised that this face mask is not medical grade and is intended to serve only as a stylish cosmetic face covering.

Customer Reviews

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This isn’t my first purchase of masks by electro threads. I lost my other two I ordered and I loved them so much. (Vintage flowers & platonic Mandela) I ended up ordering two of these babies because of my love for them. These two were not the same. It was bathing suit material and kind of hard to breath through. They collect moisture so much more than the regular ones. I really don’t know how to explain the difference because the feel of all of them are kind of the same. My others are just a lot more breathable and fit my face better. These ones were smaller and hurt the back of my ears better.

Why change the strap size?

First mask I bought was great, wanted to get some extras when the pandemic stuck around. They sent me smaller masks, despite ordering the same size as before. They were still labeled large but absolutely were not. I asked for replacements thinking it was a fluke. Btw, shipping takes forever, I believe I didn’t receive the replacements until 2 months after my initial order. For some confounding reason they shortened the ear straps from the original design. They vary the sizes of the cloth used that goes against your face to create two different sizes. Why would you shorten the straps??? You have to be saving fractions of a penny in doing this and it’s ultimately so not worth it since customers are just going to get frustrated and demand their money back: The “new” masks are laughably ill fitting now. Mayhaps a child or someone with a very small head would find this mask comfortable. The whole process took far too long to correct with them putting the replacement order through then deleting it accidentally, looong wait times and all for the ultimate disappointment of not ending up with what I wanted, which was another one of their masks that actually fit my head like the first one did.

Looks dope, feels soft. Where

Looks dope, feels soft. Where it at work all day never gets annoying.

Nice mask

These masks are fantastic! The material is soft and not too hot. The size fits very well. Love the way it looks on my face. Quality product good price!

Love it

Love it